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BH Training provide:

  • moving and handling training
  • manual handling training
  • patient handling training
  • moving people training
  • moving and handling people
  • safe patient handling

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Hazel Stevens - BH Training

Bridget Burgess and Hazel "Hoist" Stevens are a well known and popular duo in the hoisting and moving and handling industry. Based in Oxfordshire, both are highly regarded for their skills, knowledge and experience, which makes them the friendly and approachable experts in the field of moving and handling of people.

As department manager, Bridget was closely involved in setting up the training department the New Oxford Centre of Enablement at the Nuffield Hospital in Windmill Lane, Oxford, providing training excellence for Healthcare professionals in all areas of care provision from acute hospital staff to nursing and care assistants in the private sector.

Hazel began her career working in nursing and in special needs schools including working within hydrotherapy pools, delivering Peto Institute conductive education in conjunction with the Physio Therapy department; she worked with people of all ages and abilities, and further developed her caring expertise when she moved to a role within mental health. From 1995 Hazel continued to specialise in sling assessments and sling fitting, from simple chair to bed transfers to the most challenging applications, including slings for body moulded seating for wheelchairs.

Hazel Stevens - BH Training

In addition to accredited moving and handling training, Hazel Stevens offers a professional sling & hoist assessment service, which includes designing special sling patterns for challenging cases where necessary .For further information or to book an appointment for Hazel to visit and carry out a sling assessment please click here, enquire about slings

Investment in Accredited Training

Bridget and Hazel are both well regarded for the skills, knowledge and experience they possess which makes them experts in the field of moving and handling of people.

BH Training

Members of the National Back Exchange and accredited trainers who meet the "Professional Standards for Trainers in Moving and Handling" Hazel and Bridget hold recognised qualifications in this field. They aim to develop and promote common standards of training in safer handling, and are bound by the National Back Exchange Code of Professional Conduct.

BH Training offers a range of courses including Practical Hoisting Induction - suitable for new care staff who have not worked in care environments such as schools, hospitals or care homes before. Sling application and the safe hoisting of patients and clients are covered, along with an overview of the legislation surrounding patient handling.

The Moving and Manual Handling course covers practical user demonstrations, sling selection and application and an explanation of Hoist LOLER regulations, in addition to covering all aspects of HSE and RCN requirements coupled with practical problem solving.

Training can be carried out at a customers own premises, or in the training room in Eynsham, Oxfordshire where our facilities include mobile hoists, bed and chair and an overhead tracking hoist, as well as a wide range of slings from various manufacturers. All this helps to deliver practical and fun training in hoist and sling use.

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BH Training

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